Since you installed the out of sight fencing and doggie door, my dogs, Gemmy and Jet, are in dog heaven. My husband and I, too, are in heaven because we have happy, safe dogs as well as a protected landscaped lawn! A picture is worth more than my words so here are a few. Please note the little yellow flags, which are removed now that the dogs know the boundaries. Also, behind them under the deck is the dog door entrance into the basement where they can stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter–the ultimate dog house. The path leads to the backyard. Our backyard is a big wooded area that the dogs love to play in. Deer, squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, opossums, and many other woodland creatures wander about back there, and yet the dogs still remain in their enclosure. I have seen the dogs watching squirrels only a few feet away on the other side of the fence, and the dogs will not run outside the fence. We have a busy road in front of the house as well, but I never have to worry about the dogs wandering into traffic. It is remarkable. Even when we go on vacation for weeks, with a friend coming by to take care of them daily, there have been no problems. We come home and the dogs are not stressed from spending a week at a boarding kennel. This system really works, has been completely worth it, and trouble free. After following your careful training steps in the beginning, the dogs have been contained in the yard without any worries. This includes Gemmy the German Sheppard who is way too smart for her own good! I can go to work all day and know that my furry “kids” are safe and happy at home. They get to stay in dog heaven, which would not be possible without this system. Everyone with a pet should get this system. Thank you so much!

Sincerely, Valerie Stephens


Remember me? Huh? Do ya? Do ya? It’s me, Shadow, the Beaglador! You know, half beagle, half black lab! I just turned 1, and I absolutely love my Dog Guard fence! You wouldn’t believe how fast I can shoot out of the house when I see squirrels terrorizing my yard! No more waiting for my people to attach me to the lead. I don’t want to brag, but I learned how to “do the fence thing” in just a few days, which totally amazed my people. Why, I only got mildly zapped 2 or 3 times! My mom tried the zapper out herself, just so she’d know how it felt (these humans!). I have been loving the freedom to run around the yard! I hang out with the kids at the end of the driveway until the school bus comes. When they get on the bus, I just sit quietly and wag my tail. Then, when the door closes, I race the bus to the other end of the yard! I’m fast, too! I also can be out there to greet them when they come home. You should see their faces light up when they see me! My people like the way you cinched the wire so that I can’t get from the front yard to the back, or visa versa (rats!). They also appreciated the fact that when it was really cold this winter, they didn’t have to look for the lead, or go out and unwrap me from a tree. We cannot thank you enough for the freedom you have given us. The amount of warm, personal attention you gave us was great. Did you only do that because I’m so adorable? Nah, I have a feeling you give that level of service to all of your customers. Even if they aren’t as cute as I am! We would recommend Dog Guard Fencing to anyone and everyone who has a dog.

Really, really, REALLY affectionately, Shadow Russell

P.S. My people, Jeff and Linda Russell, want to know if you have a similar product for children? My other people, Ben and Valerie, don’t find that very amusing.

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